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Jay Turner with GuitarJay Turner

September/October 2021

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Jay will be performing favourite original songs from his 4 solo albums, from Mundy-Turner's 6-album catalogue & previously unreleased material.

The songlist will include: Burning Brazil; Mountains & Mist; Boxing Clever; Mind Over Matters Blues; My Grandfather's Eyes; Trouble; Johnny Polish; Swim Against The Tide; On TV; Truly Beautiful; Rhythm Of The Universe; Arms Of Love; Writing For Freedom; Feather On The Wind; Portobello Nights; In Your Rain; Start My Day; Naked; Riverman; You're No Angel; The Transportation of Sarah; Markham Main; Winter Winds; Ha'Penny Tweedle; Stealing My Democracy, PLUS two songs from the unreleased Pentrich Song-Cycle: 'Arise Ye Men of Pentrich' & 'Go Home, Boys, Go Home' and more

Listen to a selection of Jay's originals on Sound Cloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-jay-turner-brisbane

Between 1989 & 1995, Jay Turner wrote & performed his original songs on the international folk-scene from four acclaimed albums, ‘Passion Roulette’ (1989), ‘Movements In Architecture’ (1990), ‘Atmavictu’ (1992) & ‘Sketchbook’ (1993). Along the way, he played at most of the contemporary folk clubs & festivals in the UK, most notably playing Cambridge Mainstage 1 & supporting numerous folk luminaries, such as Fairport Convention on their Winter UK Tour (1991).

During a tour of Australia in ’95, Jay met Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Cath Mundy.  Their mutual admiration led to them forming Mundy-Turner & marrying later that year. Between 1995 & 2006, Mundy-Turner played to enthusiastic audiences in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, Italy & Hong Kong, releasing six acclaimed albums of original material along the way & playing tour support to major international acts such as ‘The Corrs’, ‘Fairport Convention’, The Fureys’ etc. With the birth of their son Joshua in November 2006, the duo decided to move to Brisbane, Queensland, to raise their son. The live just south of Brisbane, where they are extremely busy writing, recording & performing, delighting audiences wherever they go. In 2015, the duo were key creatives for the Queensland Music Festival's large-scale production 'Under This Sky - Logan's Musical Celebration'.

The tyranny of distance that Australia poses meant that the duo were confined to playing locally, Cath eventually forming ‘Freedom Train’ community choir, now in its eleventh year.  More choir-work with ‘Mixed Beans Multi-Cultural Choir’ & ‘With One Voice Brisbane’ & spin-off gigs have kept the duo working on various community-based projects up to 46 weeks a year as both musicians & writers.

However, Jay has asked for ‘time out’ from his support role in their busy schedule to tour his original songs internationally again in 2020. A new solo Jay Turner album, provisionally entitled ‘The Point’, will be available at that time.

Recorded in May 2019, Jay's acoustic performance of one of his most requested songs, My Grandfather's Eyes.

Cath leads several choirs in Queensland. This is Jay taking lead vocals on his own song 'Refugee' with the choir conducted by Cath. 2018.


Most recently, in collaboration with Footlights Theatrical Inc, Jay and Cath produced and performed in their award-winning rock 'n' roll musical (written by Jay) 'Billy Buckett - A Rock 'n' Roll Love Story' at Logan Entertainment Centre.

Jay's Gigplanner

September 2020 cancelled due to C-19

Dates rebooking September and October 2021

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