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Keith Donnelly


‘Comedy Sea-Shanties! Genius!’

Book it now for your inland or maritime event.
(If you've booked Donnelly & South, Lauren South will appear as The Handsome Cabin Boy.)

Contact -Jacey Bedford - 01484 606230 - agency@jacey-bedford.com

Worldwide Folk Festival favourite, Keith Donnelly (‘the funniest thing to happen to folk music since the banjo!’) has written, parodied, pastiched, and more or less mangled, about three dozen shanties and songs of the sea, to bring you his hilarious, brand new, interactive, (Somewhat Silly) Shantyskeptics Show.

The man who wrote songs, jokes, and TV shows for Jasper Carrott (amongst others), has now turned his prodigious pen to his long time love - Sea Shanties!

‘By the time he reached the chorus of the very first song he had the whole audience singing along and in stitches!’

'Keith somehow convinces everyone in the audience to be (nearly!) as crazy as he is!’'

His Bohemian Wellerman has to be seen to be believed!
In fact, here it is and you probably still won’t believe it.

But that’s just the beginning of the fun!

KeithIn this madcap, maritime melee there are songs of tribute. What could be better than A Marc Bolan Shanty? Well… A David Bowie Shanty, of course!

Sad short ditties - such as Sally Difficult and Expensive, and The Leaving of Leamington.
(‘And it s fair thee well my own true love and when I return I ll cry alas alack / It s not the leaving of Leamington that grieves me / But my darling that I must come back!’) There are new originals such as The Ragtime Shanty, and The Pugwash Blues; kiddie’s favourites like Blow the House Down!’ and ‘How does Captain Hook Wipe His Bum?’

There are puns - Walnut Whip Jamboree, and What shall we do with the Sunken Trailer? Reworked classics - like Shantin' all over the World, and There is Nothing like a Shanty!

There’s a Sinatra Shanty, a Simon & Garfunkel Shanty. There’s even Keith’s 10 verse - ‘Quizhanty’ (‘What's another name for a handle you pull? Lever Johnny, lever!’)

There are pirates, parrots, the odd (very odd!) ghostly sea-duck, and so, so much more.

‘He didn’t need a Shanty Crew. We were his Shanty Crew!’

Interspersed with Keith’s famously funny anecdotes and one liners, the Shantyskeptics Show is 'The most amazing maritime event since the parting of the Red Sea' (about which he also has a shanty by the way!)

The performance can be tailored to any length, from a 30 minute ‘best of’ set, to a full 90 minute show, with or without breaks.

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Keith could make sheep laugh!’ (Jasper Carrott)