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Idiot and Friend


Idiot and Friend

What do you get when you put two of the best folk comedians on a stage together?

No, it's not a joke - and the only answer is HILARITY!

Idiot and Friend

Les Barker, Britain's beloved comedy poet, and Keith Donnelly, comedian, singer, songwriter and guitarist join forces in the delightful Idiot and Friend show.

Keith Donnelly and Les Barker... or should that be Les Barker and Keith Donnelly? Which one is the idiot, and which one is the friend? You decide!

Between them they've had audiences rolling in the aisles, in stitches, at virtually every folk festival there is. But if you've never seen them on stage together then, you've never... seen them  on stage together! (And if you have – give them another chance, they might get better!)

Idiot & Friend, in some duos, one person does all the work, whilst the other seems to just be along for the ride. With these two, it's the exact opposite!
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"Keith's truly crazy side has even more chance to take the fore when he works in tandem with ‘The funniest poet in the history of funny poetry’"

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Les Barker writes strange poems and comes from originally from Manchester, but he's now Welsh. He was an accountant before he became a professional idiot. He's written 85 books, which sell in large numbers at his gigs because people don't quite believe what they've just heard. His poems have spawned a number of folk heroes: Jason and the Arguments, Cosmo the Fairly Accurate Knife Thrower, Captain Indecisive and Spot of the Antarctic, to name but two.

Keith Donnelly is a very [very!] funny, globe-trotting, Geordie tall-tale-telling-singer-songwriter-guitarist. He has been described as: a superbly original Stand-Up; a great singer-songwriter; a fine guitarist; a kids' entertainer par excellence; a stunning storyteller and 'the cleanest comic I’ve ever seen'. He's all those and more.

How it Started

In 2005 at the Austalian National Festival (which attracted over 55,000 people!) Keith and Les were billed at a special sell-out concert as the 'Laughing Stock of Great Britain'.

The idea for 'Idiot and Friend' came about when they decided to share the stage rather than do their normal individual sets. The audience was treated to a very special fusion of two very [VERY] great comedy talents, and simply refused to let the dynamic duo get off the stage! They both decided that the hilarity and mayhem down under was too good to be a one-off, and so agreed to repeat the experience.

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