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Hilary Spencer and Grant Baynham are a pair of tremendous performers who can turn their prodigious talents to any style of song from folk to jazz via blues and French chanson. Their repertoire includes songs by Jake Thackray, Victoria Wood and Grant's own offerings, both comedic and serious. Hilary's fabulous voice and incredible dynamic range is complemented by Grant's voice and virtuoso guitar which offers styles from John Williams to Django Reinhardt. There simply is not another duo like them. They'll grab the audience's attention and not let it go from the opening notes to the last encore.

Hilary Spencer’s voice is a thing of beauty. The smoothly-powerful centre of Artisan’s benchmark acappella for twenty years, it has rightly been described as: “A Rolls Royce of a voice, one of the defining sounds of English Folk.” - Steve Ritchie, Tanglefoot ON

Grant Baynham matches the baroque style of his songwriting with a guitar technique of gorgeous intricacy. His lengthy broadcasting credits include four years on BBC1’s That’s Life! “Comic song touched with gold.” - Ned Sherrin

Don't just take my word for it... Watch them kick the whatsit out of Victoria Wood's Ballad of Barry and Freda. Click below.

Grant on Hilary

Hilary has one of the most staggering voices in British acoustic music. Most folk fans will know it well from her work with top trio Artisan. If you haven’t yet heard her live, then the CDs will be, firstly, a quite-possibly-life-changing treat and, secondly, a demonstration of her breath-taking range of tone and mood. And now I get to play and write for her.  Yahoo!

Hilary on Grant

After four years on BBC1’s “That’s Life!” Grant Baynham became a household name. He is a formidable songwriter and has an energy and enthusiasm which create a high-powered performance of material from virtually every genre you can imagine. He’s also one of the funniest people I have ever met. Is it possible to be formidable and hilarious at the same time? With Grant anything is possible!

"It was a treat to hear such well-constructed and literate material delivered with brilliant singing and superlative guitar-playing. We can't hope for any more running the club and the atmosphere in the room spoke volumes." - Chesterfield Folk Club

Michael on the Moor and Steady as She Goes - both written by Grant Baynham

"Few performers shine as strongly as Hilary Spencer and Grant Baynham! They have played for us individually and in various combinations over the years. Together they are a heady brew of superb singing, instrumental virtuosity and humour...lots of humour! Hilary is, of course, famous for her work with Artisan and The Mrs Ackroyd Band and as a solo performer in her own right. Grant is equally known for his time on TV’s “That’s Life!”, his superbly versatile and hilarious songwriting and his brilliant jazz-influenced guitar playing. Together they represent sheer, excellent, joyful entertainment." - Chester Festival


Make 'Em Laugh
100 Years of Comic Song

Make Em Laugh

A show for Arts Centres, Village Halls and Festivals

From the first Savoy Operas of the 1870s Comedy was King and the jovial genius of Gilbert and Sullivan, through Music Hall, Joyce Grenfell, Noel Coward, Flanders and Swann, old Uncle Tom Lehrer and all and might be said to have raised its last belly-laughs with Jake Thackray, Richard Stilgoe and Victoria Wood in the 1980s.

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Those hundred years of hilarity are brought back to life by QuickSilver for an evening of sparkling song-based entertainment

Together Grant and Hilary revive memories of  the great stars  (and a few acts who hardly made it above the printer’s credits) in a celebration of that great institution, the well-crafted comic song.

"QuickSilver’s stomping finale of (Victoria) Woods’ “Let’s Do It” alone is worth the ticket money." - Kirkgate Centre, Cockermouth

"With “Make ‘Em Laugh!” QuickSilver weave a magical entertainment. . .a couple of hours of pure enjoyment from two outstanding professionals." - Plumbland Village Hall,  Cumbria.

QuickSilver Gigs



Fri. 20th
Ram Club Thames Ditton


Tu. 30th
Chichester FC and Brick Kiln garden Ctr


Saltburn Folk Festival
day tbc


Th 10th


Fri. 9th
Potteries F.C



Herga Folk at the castle

Priory Ctr, St Neots

Lamb Folk


Ashrord, Kent
Folk at the Drum


10th & 11th
Bromsgrove Festival

The Hoy at Anchor f.c.

Faversham f.c.


Llantrisant Folk
Supported by AC Wales



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